• Import : Use Android's file picker to fix the selection of files from the app since Android 11
  • System : Add mechanism to detect if Android is slowing down simulation
  • Add a way to increase maximum speed configurable (in app's settings)
  • Fix some bugs and crashes


  • ✨ Add support of Android 12 ✨
  • UI : Add a wizard dialog to ask which mock provider to use when starting simulation
  • UI : Add wizard info to help user configure Lockito on latest Android version
  • UI : Improve results while searching for a location
  • UI : Add distinct waypoint marker when loop itinerary is enabled
  • Add search feature on simulations list
  • Fix issues on GPX/KML import in some specific conditions
  • Fix various bugs and crashes


  • UI : Rework main configuration and part's views by using chips ✨
  • UI : Add new dialog picker for accuracy and altitude
  • UI : Add a wizard to guide user during device configuration
  • UI : Add a banner to guide user on how to add a new section
  • System : Finally fixed support of both imperial and metric system
  • System : Implement adaptive application icon
  • System : Fix issues during device orientation changes
  • Import : Improve stability of imported simulations
  • Reduce default accuracy to something more precise 2m-4m
  • Internal refactoring
  • Fix various bugs and crashes


  • Simulation : add loop feature ✨
  • Simulation : add support of variable altitude for imported simulations ✨
  • Simulation : add support of variable speed for imported simulations ✨
  • Simulation : add split section feature
  • Simulation : set max speed to 240 km/h. Allow setting a custom value with keyboard
  • Import : minor UI/UX improvements
  • Import : save last use folder
  • Head action : add speed down/up buttons
  • Head action : minor UI/UX improvements
  • Search address : add history
  • Search address : minor UI/UX improvements
  • Add first draw of a tool to help debug device's GPS location issues
  • Internal refactoring to prepare bigger updates
  • Fix various bugs and crashes


  • Add options to override simulation's speed, accuracy, and altitude on specific parts of the simulation
  • Handle database migration from pre 2.9.x Lockito version
  • Fix crash on Android < 21
  • Fix various bugs


  • Add failsafe while launching simulation to check if device is correctly configured
  • Fix various minor bugs

  • Fix crash on Android < 10


  • Add support of Android 10 ✨
  • Fix pause on waypoint not working
  • Fix import view not working anymore on Android 10
  • Fix notification not being displayed in case Mock provider is not set to Lockito
  • Fix various minor bugs
  • Fix some minor design issues


  • Fix some bugs and crashes in edge-cases
  • Fix issues on simulation import


  • Fix some bugs and crashes in edge-cases
  • Fix searching point by coordinates not working
  • Improve design for search point view
  • Improve design for import simulation view and add a mechanism to preview xpath resolutions
  • Display a speed ratio selector when taping on speed ratio text from control center
  • Add a settings to use your own itinerary resolver


  • Fix some bugs and crashes in edge-cases
  • Fix crash after simulation's end
  • Restore simulation's state if Lockito is kill by system
  • Apply a better design on search view


  • Fix some bugs and crashes in edge-cases
  • Fix input speed being handle as m/s instead of km/h
  • Fix import with incomplete files (ie: with only legs or waypoints)
  • Open simulation when taping on simulation


  • Fix multiples crash
  • Fix duplicated simulation leading to crash. Add a mechanism to clean invalid simulations
  • Fix crash during configuration change on big simulation
  • Fix crash when trying ot import an invalid file
  • Use provider to share simulation instead of raw content


  • Lockito was totally rewritten from scratch to provide a better experience and prepare lots of cool features
  • Fix the "query over limit" issue when trying to resolve an itinerary
  • Add an option to control speed ratio during simulation
  • Add favorite simulation
  • Add consent form for user usage with ads


  • Fix provider type being override at each startup
  • Add an option to force restore GPS mock state
  • Add an option to search point from address or GPS coordinate
  • Auto-save last position of head action view
  • Prepare application structure for big changes


  • Change default and current provider type to "Location Manager"
  • Fix crashes
  • Fix real GPS locations not working anymore after stopping a simulation
  • Fix KML import and update default XPath
  • Restore landscape mode
  • Add an option to enable a head view with play/pause/stop actions
This release should bring back compatibility with some GPS-based applications. But the location jumping to real one should be back too. You can try changed "provider type" to see what fits bests your needs.


  • Fix crashes
  • Fix simulation stopping after a while
  • Fix location jumping from mocked location to real location
  • Initialize file explorer in Lockito's folder while importing an itinerary
  • Fix itinerary import/export still not working
  • Do not display popup for enabling mock location if device is rooted
  • Add an option to send database to developer (with user's consent) while sending a feedback to help debugging
If you're still having issues during simulation try changing "provider type" in settings.


  • Fix crashes
  • Add logs to help debugging some tricky bugs
  • Add an option to select the map type to use
  • Fix itinerary import/export not working
Since Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), moving Lockito in /system/app or /system/priv-app on a rooted device won't work anymore.
However, installing XPosed's "Mock Mock Locations" module should allow you to mock location without setting 'Mock location provider app' option.


  • Fix crashes
  • Handle linear itineraries or Google itineraries (including: car, bicycle, walking)


  • Add a file explorer to import KML/GPX files
  • Handle new runtime permission system introduced in Android 6
  • Add altitude mocking (editable by itinerary or itinerary part)
  • Allow third-party applications to launch existing simulations
Below is an example with ADB command to launch simulations:

adb shell am broadcast -n fr.dvilleneuve.lockito/fr.dvilleneuve.lockito.core.service.SimulationActionReceiver <ACTION>

Where<ACTION> can be:
  • -a load --el simulationId <simulationId> (to load and prepare simulation with id <simulationId>)
  • -a unload (to unload and clean simulation)
  • -a play (to start loaded simulation)
  • -a pause (to pause loaded simulation)
  • -a stop (to stop loaded simulation)


  • Add dutch translations (Thanks to Steven)
  • Add german translations (Thanks to Markus and Heiner Sietas)
  • Add spanish translations (Thanks to Alvaro Martinez)


  • Fix major simulation speed issue
  • Add a page for open-sources projects licenses


  • Fix display issue with simulation duration


  • Fix bugs
  • Fix bearing of mock location
  • It's no longer necessary to enabled mock location on root devices


  • Fix bugs
  • Fix crash if Google play services are not installed
  • Fix mocked location speed generating in km/h instead of m/s


  • Fix database upgrade for itinerary with only one point


  • Fix icon not displayed
  • Fix summary not updated
  • Add titles


  • Fix bugs
  • Force simulation to run even if screen was switched off by using a Wakelock (configurable in preferences)
  • Allow overriding of speed and accuracy between two waypoints by clicking on the itinerary part


  • Fix icons and dialog styles
  • Fix crash on itinerary duplication
  • Fix crash if too many waypoints
  • Fix list not refreshed after an itinerary was renamed
  • Allow auto-stop simulation at the end of itinerary


  • Fix a bug with negative accuracy
  • Allow custom delay between location
  • Choose imperial or metric system measurement


  • Bug fixes
  • Core refactoring
  • Change itinerary creation process
  • Add import/export via share features